4JNET will Launch NFT Platform on December 1, BUY TOKEN AND ENJOY MOON !

4jnet release 1 december
Source : twitter.com/@4Jnet

Decentralized financial markets have grown rapidly over the past year due to cryptocurrency trading and investors seeking security and privacy from governments and third parties. This is certainly a problem, one area that is witnessing this tremendous growth is the exchange of DEX which has soared, which was previously $4.38 billion increasing to $34 billion, this is incredible!

When Bitcoin starts to climb to its highest point, centralized exchanges will witness a huge outflow of coins from exchanges to private wallets. As quoted from CryptoQuant, opposition to Bitcoin reserves on crypto exchanges has fallen to its lowest level, reaching 2.3 million BTC, representing a 10% decline since reaching its highest level annually, 2.54 million BTC.

This means that the demand for non-custodial exchanges is skyrocketing, so there is a need for a more efficient, cheaper, and faster decentralized exchange to fill the gap when demand comes.

Officially launched in 2021, 4JNet will offer all DEX users a transparent, licensed and fair way to transact crypto with each other, trade digital assets, and also print Non-Fungible tokens (NFT) easily with just a few clicks. just.

4JNet Exchange: As the pinnacle of justice for users

4jnet release 1 december
Source : twitter.com/@4Jnet

As I mentioned above, that 4JNet is a decentralized exchange that will be launched at the end of 2021, precisely on December 1, 2021. This is a form of cryptocurrency trading revolution and the creation of NFT, with several useful features that can make it easier every transaction that the user will make, such as Deposit funds, withdraw funds, currency exchange and NFT market.

Officially branched by code and bisi from Safemoon, this Exchange 4JNet improves several aspects of safemoon to provide its users with the latest innovations and provide a better, safer, and faster platform.

Quoting from 4JNet's official website which states that the launch of this exchange aims to "Create a just, friendly, and prosperous community or sphere to provide secure, transparent, fair and decentralized blockchain products to many people."

About the Vision of 4JNet NFT

According to a direct statement from the relevant team, there will be a total of 5,000 nFT limited editions available during the printing process. Now, the listing process will begin at launch on December 1, 2021, which will give users the opportunity to buy and hold the rarest and unique NFTs that have been built into the BInance Smart Chain.

For self-pricing, each NFT has been reduced from 3 BNB (~$1800) to 1 BNB (~$600) with a third of the NFT already sold out.

4jnet launch
Source : www.4j.net

Once launched, 4JNet will plan to launch native tokens and will reward NFT holders or holders of a small fraction of the existing 60 billion tokens, or a supply limit of the maximum.

In addition to token prizes, later the NFT holder will also enjoy a 3% reduction in service fees for every transaction made on the platform. Lastly, users can also trade their digital assets freely, and the interest from the sale of NFT will be transferred to their account together with NFT.

Then for the second scenario, when the NFT sells out before the set date, the countdown will be reset to 72 hours giving users more time to buy NFT.

During this initial sale of NFT, users should be aware that there is an initial transaction fee of 90% with the fee expected to decrease by about 0.1% after successive sales reach the minimum limit of 10%.

Best Features in 4JNET

We reiterate, that clearly the vision of 4Jnet lies in creating a fair, user-friendly, and safe platform in order to create a prosperous community.

Then for its own goal based on the NFT market and its Exchange is to pursue the goal of providing security, transparency, fairness, and decentralization brought by Blockchain technology.

4jnet launch
Source : twitter.com/@4Jnet

As there is a new metaverse to address the issue of implementing secure and audited smart contracts, the number of these scams and hacks skyrockets across the blockchain ecosystem. This is what underlies 4Jnet to solve problems by creating stable and transparent projects that promote security and justice.

To learn more about this exchange platform, here are some of the useful features it includes.

1. MSB License

4Jnet is specifically labeled with a license from MSB, which means it is a platform that can provide money services to clients around the world. In addition, 4Jnet has also joined other first-class exchange categories including Coinbase, Huobi, Binance US, and so on.

2. Smart audited contracts

Moreover, this platform is specifically audited by CertiK which can ensure the safety and security of users. Blockchain network security companies can ensure that ecosystems and contracts are free from any existing vulnerabilities.

3. Transparency and Fairness

4Jnet is a platform that is free from all forms of dumping ehales and dump early investors, it introduces a 90% service charge that is held. This will discourage early dumping investors from making a fair sale of NFT for every investor on this platform. In addition, all existing business logic is also realized through smart contracts and all addresses and contract codes are also very open.

4. Widespread adoption

The Exchange platform also has a widespread advertising network to increase the adoption and sales of this new NFT project, this includes the creation of NASDAQ billboards, and top websites like Coingape, among others.

4JNET : Quality and safe exchange

With the increasing prevalence of low-liquidity NFT and DEX scams, in particular, this platform actually offers new breaths to users in this ecosystem. By ensuring fairness and transparency, every user involved is guaranteed a pleasant experience.

Source : twitter.com/@4Jnet

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